Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer refers to the disseminating or sharing information from one area of life to another. in our modern world today, many are suffering from information explosion occurring from the vast information found online. With all these quotes aiming at substituting our natural way of taking in information off our immediate environment through personal experiences, we must be careful not to automate the careers that we are investing on.

The billionaire founder of Alibaba Jack Ma said that we should not compete with artificial intelligence but instead focus on developing unique human intelligence. I believe so because no one can do a robot’s job better than a robot. With all these repetitive procedures for success, human creativity is closer to its down fall as time goes by! That is why university graduates are graduating right into the unemployment line because they cant use their acquired knowledge to solve real world problems.

This issue of knowledge transfer should therefore be preached to the ends of the world to save our ailing generation.


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