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Getting stuck in writing amid rigorous job routines and family time.

Can someone give us ,encountering such strains, a fascinating thread to write on?

..just to kickstart our writing mojo!

Yours truly,



The Odyssey

Chasing life with the bus

Smooth odyssey via a bus coach is what I wanna see,

Myriads of ethnic groups in here is the vibe I wanna feel.

The wind streaming past the tiny space left by the panes,

The soulful and soft symphonies from the stereo plays.

Fauna and flora greets my new eyes as wildlife saunters,

Camera takes the moment which turns to a blur.

Rolling hills chase the magnificence of the lands ahead,

Dust paves way for the onrushing luxury bus.

Serenity grazes the full mind, clearing the anxiety,

Then musings lulls the on board into utopia.