Hidden Soul

In the morning breeze,
I caught her hiding,
Behind a beautiful mask,
Gazing with her misty eyes.


I tried to savor the sight,
Of her ocean blue eyes,
But her hair clouded the view,
Leaving me utterly confused.


Upon closing my eyes,
She opened up her soul,
It smiled as she wondered,
how someone finally saw!


She was dazzlingly beautiful, 
but beauty was the least of her.

Poetry Simply-fried

He took a bite out of the crisp writings,
That were woven on the ancient fabric.
This is no metaphor-just mere writings,
with no powerful effects such as metric.
He wallowed in the depths of the secrets,
Included therein-in black and white-bliss.
Like a judge, his taste buds now sleepless,
Stood as roused curiosity feigned remiss.
His life took a spin in the new world found,
As darkness paved way to the new obsession.
That night he vowed to never lack a profound,
Way to view the world that lacked perfection.

Inspired by Gottfried

Poem, Travels

Welcome to My City My Town

In my city:

The waters cover the open fields.

The open fields often go untended.

Untended work goes unpunished.

Unpunished folks ruin the nation.

Is where resilience is preferred.

Is where any dream becomes valid.

Is where all businesses thrive.

Is where the future of the nation lays.

The pride of the powerful lingers.

Toddlers aspire to work there.

Art beckons even in the nightlife.

God watches over its mortals.

What happens in your city that makes it magical?