Happy Teacher’s Day💞

They may have to be rude,still they love,They might burden you,still they foster,They may scarcely acknowledge you,still they bless, they admire!! Since the very first day of schooling, a teacher holds every student’s hand as their own child’s. They make sure that school becomes a second home for all of us. They are the people […]

Happy Teacher’s Day💞

Discover your Writing Voice.

I don’t know about you but I’m no poet & certainly no writer. I just have this love affair with words & the way they feel when they have given the reader an opportunity to find me.

Feel my beat as you chew on every word hoping that they quell your anxieties, amplify your dreams and of course-nullify your doubts.

Until the next moment, may your days usher in the healing sun rays as your words find way to eager ears. Face all the demons that come with writing and never look forward to finding your full stop.



Writing that Moves

There’s a lot of writers here whose work I really feel, who when I read them, I nod my head in mutual familiarity. Thank you for letting me in your hearts’ canvas.

I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through different articles. Your world is never constricted but sufficiently branched out. One won’t only be seeing what they like but also what they thought they’d never like.

I treasure those ethereal moments of priceless enlightenment only you can give me and I hope that once in a while, I reciprocate the same.


For 200 followers-thank you.

This is a thank you note to all my followers for believing in me. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a great community and family.

Courtesy of Pinterest

I wouldn’t be able to call myself a blogger if it weren’t for your encouragement along the way. Such benevolent gesture holds a special place in my heart.

It’s a pleasure for me to always connect with you. I would like to assure all that I will continue to write in the best interests of you all.

To the new bloggers, all i can say is just keep going, just keep pushing, just keep believing in yourself. Few months ago I never imagined I’d be where I am now. No amount of words can fully encompass my gratitude.
If you have any recommendations on the type of posts you would admire to see more, let me know in the comments section.

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The Pensive Brainstorms Award

Hey there my blogging family. I am excited to share this award with you- The Brainstorms Award. I am indebted to Nebeeha– the creator of the award and Amy  for nominating me.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Tag your post with the Brainstorm award and follow brainstorm, if you are willing.
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  4. Talk a bit about your blog, why you started it, what you write on and your goal for your blog.
  5. Answer the five questions you’ve been asked.
  6. Nominate five amazing bloggers.
  7. Ask them five new questions.
About artnomison's blog

My blog is all about inspiring my blogging family towards positive living. Aside from the normal times we have, I realised life could not exist without it’s fair share of twists and turns hence the need to constantly write content able to turn our mind towards where our strength comes from.

I also write random poems for an artistic twist and travels posts to allow my audience to have fun with nature.

Answers to Amy's Questions
  1. How would you describe fear? An emotion that offsets your happiness-one that inspires threat/danger.What do you think people need to do, to overcome it?The only way to counter fear is to turn to its opposite-hope.
  2. What has the covid 19 denied you as a person? The luxury of a personal contact with friends and family.
  3. What’s your favourite colour? Maroon.
  4. How would you describe your time at home, during this present lockdown for months? Busy; I am glad am a teacher because am constantly tutoring students online. I have also turned to baking as an aside business venture.
  5. What’s your favourite blog post?Coincidentally, it’s about fear.
Artnomison's Questions
  1. Do you get excited or scared when meeting new people?Why?
  2. Do you think people fall in love because the right person has arrived, or because the time is right?
  3. What do you think is humankind’s greatest invention?
  4. What is your life’s soundtrack?
  5. When you were a kid, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?

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I look forward to see how your mind brainstorms to the questions above.

Everyone is invited.




‘The Vincent Ehindero Award’ #3

Life is not about being rich, popular, highly educated or perfect. It’s about being real, humble and kind.

To @Tangietwoods,

I appreciate your honoring me with this award.I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful “family” throughout the region showing their support in such a magnificent way.

Since I am at loss for words, it might be best to simply express my appreciation with a sincere and profound thank you.

Tangi is a Christian blogger who inpires godliness in her blogging family. To sum what her blog is all about, this is the best quote: “Pray for a perspective that sees everything through God first.”You can visit her blog via this link:


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  1. On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate your blogging experience? 10. I can now appreciate myself and life more.
  2. On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate the blogging community? 10. They are amazing in that they get the best out of me through their responses.
  3. Do you have much interaction with fellow bloggers?Yes I do and I love it.
  4. Has your expectation been met of the blogging community? No. I thought it was easy but it’s a challenge am slowly mastering.
  5. How often do you post? A post per day as from last weekend.

My nominees:

In Recognition of Your Loyalty & Dedication.Allow me to use the formula of; the top 30 to like this post/comment are deserving of the award. However, everyone I follow deserves it too as I have learnt at least one important lesson from them. May God increase your wisdom so that you can continue being a rare ray of light in an otherwise dark world.

My Questions:

  1. What are you most thankful for today?
  2. Which of your posts got the maximum engagement in the last week? Share a link to your post, if you can.
  3. What are some ways of making your stories more engaging?
  4. Does your mood affect your behaviour on WordPress? How?
  5. What’s the last picture you clicked? Share it with us.

How to get the Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey friends,hope you are staying safe and having a good time. I am extremely delighted to inform you that I have been nominated by Amy for the #sunshinebloggeraward

Amy has a powerful blog whose slogan “Never Give Up” marries with all her posts. Visit her for a positive and empowered outlook towards life. I guarantee you a smile entwined with high spirits.

Thank you Amy for the honours. What you do is really motivating and keeps me uplifted in my blogging overall experience. I really appreciate that you’ve taken such an interest in my blog. You can visit Amy’s blog at


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  • Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.
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My answers:

1. What inspires you to write as a blogger?People-I love connecting.
2. Who’s your favourite American Artist?Adele.
3. Which place have you been to that you would like to visit again? Diamonds Dream of Africa.
4. When you are not blogging, what do you spend your time doing? Dancing, playing fifa, drawing graffiti, cruising with friends to see new places and or playing soccer.
5. Who’s your major influence?
6. Name one person in history that has inspired you. Martin Luther King jr.
7. What’s your favourite colour? Maroon.
8. What will you go with, tea or coffee? Coffee.
9. What’s your favourite movie of 2019? Knives Out.
10. Which country do you reside in? Kenya.

1. Graymand
2. Rekha Sahay
3. Princess Cynthia
4. Ana Daksina
5. The FreeThinker
6. Pooja Rani
7. Bharath Upendra
8. Imanishash007
9. PoojaG
10. Thelonelyauthorblog
11. Doctor Kaahsh

Special nomination goes to simran, Cristian Mihai, Our Daily Bread & Craig Lock.

1. How would you describe your blogging style?
2. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?
3. What would be your ideal working environment?
4. Tell me about your proudest achievement?
5. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
6. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?
7. If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
8. If you had 24 hours to do whatever you wanted in your neighbourhood, what would you do?
9. What is a phrase or word you always say?
10. What’s the last compliment you got?
11. If you have a nickname, what is it?

Please accept my nomination for the award as I would like to connect a notch deeper with you via this post. Thanks to all my blogging family too for your amazing works; you make blogging worth the while.


How a Graffiti Artist in Kenya has Saved Lives❗

To manage the propagation of Covid 19, the Kenya Ministry of health implemented mitigation measures. These included encouraging the public to wash their hands/sanitize, wear face masks, maintain social distance and stay home.However, not everyone has been able to meet these demands!Why so🤷‍♂️
Because most of them rely on a daily wage hence they can’t afford to #StayatHome Many of these people live in Nairobi’s low income settlements which are overcrowded and where sanitation and social distancing measures are near impossible to maintain.There goes the bomb💣 I knew it would now be crystal clear that in the biggest Kenyan slum that houses over half a million people, the corona virus would spread like wildfire🥺But alas!👼 A ray came from heaven through some graffiti artists. Yes, the vandalisers of towns brought a ray of hope where the government and the ministry of health were failing. A group of graffiti artists decided to drive the message home using artistic means, which was well received by the public. In fact, only after the paintings were completed did the public realise corona virus was not a rich man’s disease! All are public health messages to avoid the new coronavirus.In a such a crowded settlement where social distancing and working from home are a pipe dream for most, the campaign is designed to teach people palpable ways in which they can shield themselves and their community from the coronavirus. There was a need not only for catchy images but also accessible language to get the message across. Some of the graffiti is in Sheng, a local slang.Unlike the stuffy government news conferences on television, the campaign uses the voices of the people who live there.After catching wind of the powerful influence that art boasts, I thought of taking off to the streets and scribble my own stuff on well-built walls but again I remembered I have been allergic to court rooms and prison cells altogether. Nontheless, I thank God that he saw fit to use Wanyande and co to rescue their community from utter ignorance.How is you and your country creatively creating awareness about the pandemic?