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Beyond the Thorns, Lies a Flower.

I have to admit that being in a relationship is not about trying to find the person who will not hurt you and will love you the most. It’s about accepting that whoever you get with, they will hurt you.

What pain are you willing to tolerate? Maybe some can stomach their partner being unfaithful or being unable to express how they feel or that they are bad with money or that they have a dependency on their family or that they are workaholics.

There is something that you won’t like that you are going to have to accept because someone will have to do the same exact thing for you if they are aiming to be with you. They say that love is not for everyone; it’s an exclusive club where only those who can endure the thorns of the rose get a pass.

For the sake of clarity, I am not condoning abuse. What I am suggesting is that if two people want a long-lasting relationship, they need to know what pain they are able to tolerate because it is bound to happen.

We marvel when two people who have so much in common, find one another and fall in love. Perhaps what is even more incredible is that each person’s demons can hurt the other without causing an inexorable rift between the lovers.

That seems like the greatest miracle of all, especially to someone like me who thought the whole point was to minimize pain at all costs.

For love to survive, partners have to make a decision to stay together. But at least it isn’t a blind decision. Now you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s easy to see the great traits in your partner because that is the bias people always approach relationships with. But now that I see the virtue in seeing how they can hurt me, when I date again, there is nothing to fear.

Now go be love, the world needs you.


The African Fashionsense.

In Africa, we have a famous apparel which is often referred to as Chitenge or “African fabric”. Many women in Africa have this piece. To me, Chitenge was an exclusive wear worn to church, weddings and/or events, and in fact, often only by women of a certain age.


The richness of color expressed by distinct varieties of prints and patterns is one major allure to the Ankara fashion.


Nowadays, Kitenge outfits are a favorite in weddings, church, dinners and in a formal workplace. Most African prints are tailor-made to match different perspectives of our tastes as a society.


The current design is mainly centered on merging one or two pieces into accessorizing the kitenge. If you happen to wear a kitenge from head to toe it would overpower the look.


Ankara fabric from Kenya is sold at open air market, curio shops, boutiques and at glitzy malls and fashion stores in major cities. The evolution of urban African music popularised Ankara wear which was then fused into Ankara top-and-jeans combo, or all the way minimised into strips of kitenge fabric on the collar or cuffs of an otherwise “formal” shirt.


Open air markets like the Toi Market have revolutionized how ankara/kitenge is used to suit African needs-both traditional and modern. Here, you can look great for less, as fashion demands continue to rise to an all time high.


In Nairobi’s central business district, you can find Africa Fabric and Designs Mall packed with dozens of stalls, each lined from floor to ceiling with African fabrics. These fabrics are generally referred to in Kenya as kitenge, a term that usually encompasses Dutch wax print, ankara, hollandais, and other more modern takes on traditional patterns from around the continent.kulamoto_20200613_223015_0

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According to this article, one could argue that while kitenge is not made in Kenya, it is Kenyan in that it is African – and thus it belongs to Kenyans. For Kenyans, kitenge tells a story of pan-African belonging, solidarity, and identity. Owing to the status quo, Kenyans are not victims of Anningtex’s domination but rather agents with a valid claim to ownership of their own.


Do you own an Ankara apparel? Tell me about it.


How a Graffiti Artist in Kenya has Saved Lives❗

To manage the propagation of Covid 19, the Kenya Ministry of health implemented mitigation measures. These included encouraging the public to wash their hands/sanitize, wear face masks, maintain social distance and stay home.However, not everyone has been able to meet these demands!Why so🤷‍♂️
Because most of them rely on a daily wage hence they can’t afford to #StayatHome Many of these people live in Nairobi’s low income settlements which are overcrowded and where sanitation and social distancing measures are near impossible to maintain.There goes the bomb💣 I knew it would now be crystal clear that in the biggest Kenyan slum that houses over half a million people, the corona virus would spread like wildfire🥺But alas!👼 A ray came from heaven through some graffiti artists. Yes, the vandalisers of towns brought a ray of hope where the government and the ministry of health were failing. A group of graffiti artists decided to drive the message home using artistic means, which was well received by the public. In fact, only after the paintings were completed did the public realise corona virus was not a rich man’s disease! All are public health messages to avoid the new coronavirus.In a such a crowded settlement where social distancing and working from home are a pipe dream for most, the campaign is designed to teach people palpable ways in which they can shield themselves and their community from the coronavirus. There was a need not only for catchy images but also accessible language to get the message across. Some of the graffiti is in Sheng, a local slang.Unlike the stuffy government news conferences on television, the campaign uses the voices of the people who live there.After catching wind of the powerful influence that art boasts, I thought of taking off to the streets and scribble my own stuff on well-built walls but again I remembered I have been allergic to court rooms and prison cells altogether. Nontheless, I thank God that he saw fit to use Wanyande and co to rescue their community from utter ignorance.How is you and your country creatively creating awareness about the pandemic?



Scent is a personal thing, with the power to change your mood, take you back in time or remind you of a special person.Some perfumes and fragrances act as aphrodisiacs and have a hypnotising effect on the opposite sex. Below, I list six different scents that have powerful effects on the body and mind.

  1. Vanilla
  2. Citrus/lemon
  3. Jasmine
  4. Woodsy; pine/oak.
  5. Rosemary/Persley
  6. Peppermint
  7. Nectar/honey
  8. Apple
  9. Patchouli
  10. Oceanic
  • Vanilla Yoghurt

Men and women have long searched for the fountain of youth, the meaning of life, and the secret of happiness. Well, youth still passes, life still puzzles but the secret of happiness has, it seems, at last been found. It is vanilla yoghurt.Breakfast can’t be so fresh without a canful of thick vanilla yoghurt. Care for a gentle world of indulgence with vanilla yoghurt? I thought so too. The scent makes me famished everytime I open the lid in the morning.

  • Can you smell the sweet smokey aroma?

This grilled goat meat was too tantalising of a scent that I even took a picture before devouring it. You feel me?

Who doesn’t like barbecue🤷‍♂️

  • The Story of my Life

The scent that brings about a dejavu everytime I smell it is honey. A few years back I was as unruly as any other teen could be and the next few lines will amaze if not perplex you.One hot afternoon during the post high school days we assembled at Brian’s to play Pes/Fifa in order to kill time before we got a chance to join prominent colleges and or universities. Time was as availably cheap as it is now. So what did we do with it?It happened that Chris and co could not be quenched by the thrilling experience elicited from gaming and loud music. We were 7; 5 boys/men and 2 ladies. The ladies were into weed, making the rest of the crew to agree with their idea.After a long network of seeking out the elusive weed peddlers, the yearned popular drug made it’s way into the room with everyone smoking out the deadly poison into their lungs oblivious of the danger that lay beneath all that stimulating smoke!Moments later, we all started hallucinating and all. As smoke rented the air, we heard hooting from the gate and that’s when it dawned on us that Brian’s folks had arrived from work. Knowing that they worked with the police force only made matters worse.”How on earth could they be so early today,” I tried to gather. The time by my wristwatch was 3 o’clock. We all panicked as the hooting became prominent with each succession. The whole room was stinking with marijuana! Was jail calling for us?We frantically reached for the door to try and run but their presence freezed out every bravado left in our sedated veins. It was when Annie, the housemaid appeared out from her room smelling like a million bucks! She folded from the pungent smell of weed and immediately ran for her honey smelling perfume.Like a predator eyeing for its prey, she squeezed the antidote, instantly drowning the smokey scent. Normalcy was restored making everyone beg for the perfume to completely extinguish the smoke from their clothes.The scent was so warm and sweet that we almost sprayed our foul-smelling mouths. “Oh! The gate. Quick.” Annie ordered. We all ran to open with the sweet honey scent wafting in the air. Albeit Brian’s parents being mad at our delay, they appreciated the ‘good grooming’.As they made their way inside,we let out a sigh of relief having learnt that peppermint can be life savers too in such situations. From that day I owned the Forbidden Games by Killian perfume. However, due to its exorbitant price tag I resulted to cheaper alternatives_you get the point. Phew!

  • Sense of smell over every other sense

Since we can’t decode the enormous varieties of scents, this makes the sense of smell inferior to the other senses. Particularly much of our smelling happens under the radar of our consciousness.When it comes to smells, people can be influenced and not realize it.


Sweetest Song🎶

#Music #Song #God

I’ve heard them sing “He Paid The Price”
And “Jesus Bore It All”
I’ve heard them sing “I’m Coming Home”
And “Hear The Master’s Call”
I’ve heard them sing the modern songs
And songs of long ago
But “Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound”
Is the sweetest song I know

Like music from the world above,
It made my soul rejoice
Its soothing words and melody
Like rippling waters flow
Oh, “Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound”
Is the sweetest song I know

What’s your sweetest song that could ever be found? #sweetest song# DiscoverPrompts

Have a listen and gimme your thoughts.


What a ‘Good Friday’

The time by my silver Rolex that was fastened to my wrist by black leather straps indicated 8 o`clock. Of course this is just what the watch is meant to do but hey_it was good Friday!

In Kenya, in particular, my church welcomed all its members to match around town while singing under the melody of numerous instruments. This was in regards to Palm Sunday, where brethren march around town with palm branches to commemorate the welcoming of Jesus in his hometown.

I jumped out of the comfort of my warm duvet that had wrapped around me, engulfing me with warmth and dizzying comfort. I freshened up and after a while, I was up and running.

You may want to ask what this Friday had to do with me and this article but the truth is that Jesus, the son of God, died for us on that wretched cross in Golgotha so that we could all be saved from our destructive sins. I guess now it is clear that my church wanted to go back in time so as to revisit what our saviour had done on that fateful Friday.

Back to my church (St Paul’s Mother Church) at Kabete_a suburb of the capital city, I could hear sweet symphonies renting the air, a yard off. I had managed to beat the clock by arriving at exactly 8:57 a.m. Every saint or Christian, if you prefer, was set for the walk of faith, perse. This faith had everything to do with spreading the love that God had while allowing his only do to die for us on the cross. We sang some good old church choir song, after which we prayed for the mission.

The March took 3 full hours, which was a blessing to my hometown people. We did not run for cancer nor walk for environmental conservation but we moved up and about for the spreading of the gospel. Why? Because God has given all those who believe in him the power to do it.

After the daunting task of talking to ignorant youths and an idealistic society, the exercise ended on a high as we all converged in church to thank our father in heaven for the opportunity to be his ambassadors. It also brought the picture of God’s love close to our heart as the lent period continued.

P.S Jesus loves you and as you consider Easter a holiday, may you remember that your worth is on that wretched cross and that you were bought by his precious blood.


The Interview

It’s Wednesday, one and a half hours of waiting for a the interviwing team. Am nervous which is my right as a potential employee in Imperial Industry park for the post of a manager.

Like we said in the previous article, feelings don’t matter and that’s why I am writing to myself and hopingly, others who would like to poke into my emotional morning.

Upon arriving, I greet the man at the gate enthusiastically and with a smile which jolts me into the cucumber coolness that is largely talked about by writers. I am down to earth as I am led to the reception by an assistant guard.

“Man, this job is serious,” I mumble to myself as my heart beats with every step. Inside the reception area I am greeted by a nicely dressed lady who happened to be the receptionist. She leads me to a brown leather sofa which supports it’s magnificence behind a large glass table. I sink into the full cushion as a sigh of relief gasps out.

As you know, the rest is history.
But important to note is that I got the job after the rigorous session with the interviewer. You may want to ask how I did it_well, Your possession of one small piece of information at the right time and in the right place can enable you to make an extraordinary difference in a particular situation.

What I mean is that I was able to align with the company’s goals which did the trick after earlier research. So everyone who is on the long waiting line of employment, just go for it. The way you did when chasing after the girl of your dreams.

P.S While it’s important to know quite a lot, focus on the specifics while being optimistic. Of course, God always does the rest.