Sensational Scintilla

Between two sighs, I savoured,
Bliss from the ocean’s sound.
I saw the songbirds of the air,
Flapping away from my stare.

I Caught wind of the carnation, Their scent a crystal revelation.
Afar was a crashing waterfall,
Singing hymns upon its mighty fall.

I scrambled for my notebook,
And my pen savored the look.
My book drank from the ink,
As my eyes acted as the link.

That’s when I recalled the sky,
Painted the greatest art-oh my!
I gave in to the reverie and my
Soul wandered to heaven-sigh!

Indeed God wrote the best poetry, When fauna and flora gained entry.
In such a desolate place-excellence, Described better by his eminence.

In great aims and in small, our God, Was thoroughly earnest as our Lord. The sky blue waters,the constellation, The setting sun, the moonlit horizon.

All attesting to his love & splendour, Look at our bodies-so full of wonder.
The rich air swept to break the daze, But I arose anew & followed the haze.

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