All the several ills,
that visit earth are
brought forth by night,
with a sinister birth.

There are still those
Whose hearts get trapped
But their zeal shines brighter
Than the face of the stars

Troubles may clamour
For their misery but
They walk through it all
And that’s why you are them
Cause you’re still here!

As you fight your struggles,
The past wants you dead
It may even torment you
But the battle was lost
Cause you’re still here

P.S Keep thriving as hope armours you against the dark

15 thoughts on “Thriving”

    1. Wow!Am so humbled by this. I thank God for this far and a community with people like you.Am thoroughly blessed by this comment and I will reach out sooner.
      Sorry for the late reply-Your found your wonderful comment trapped in my spam box!


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