Some Nights

Nights like this, balmy and full of good cheer, make me believe there is good to come, and there is no wrong in thinking that_or is there?

18 thoughts on “Some Nights”

  1. Self forgetfulness in the light of midnight moon
    Worldly affairs are off
    Silence is begging
    Constellation is spreading serenity
    Placidity is flowing with water fall
    Every corner has indulged in trance
    Life is like a part of dream
    World is like an illusion
    Sleeping on dense trees
    Is knackered voice of moon light
    Galaxy with its ajar eyes
    Uttering the saying of yearning
    From taciturn wires of saz e dil*
    Oozing the trance of continuous love
    Longing, dream, your beautiful countenance…

    I translated the Urdu lines into English. Hope you enjoy 😊

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