Thoughts of a Pluviophile.

Why do people shy away from the thrill of dancing in the rain yet they fancy singing in the shower?


13 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Pluviophile.”

      1. I live in dry part of the country so we don’t have much rain here.
        I would love to flutter in rain but don’t have any courage so I prefer shower 😹
        My answer woulda been different if I were used to of rain πŸ˜…

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          1. And there is one more thing. With the first drop of rain kids start shouting their *rain slogan, “Dear Allah, give us more rain and grant our Nanii(maternal grandmother) a long life πŸ’•πŸŒˆ

            May the rain of peace keep pouring upon your land, Ameen 🌈

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          2. I will keep this in my heart to tell to my students about varied beliefs about the weather.
            Well, as for us- kids believe in growing tall as the showers descend.
            Its usually epic.

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          3. I will keep that in mind-students in my city never like their teachers. But they sure don’t mind getting rained on and afterwards feigning sickness so that they can be given permission to go home.

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          4. They are just students now. Inshaallaha they will realise what great lessons their teacher has tought them.
            Well, I can dig out some beautiful days when we were not prepared for the exam and prayed deeply for the rain and it really rained on exam day πŸŒˆπŸ˜ƒ

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