Do you believe in promises?

Faded is the dream that once was,

The hallmark of a schooled fella.

The lion of the jungle promised,

Better days, so to the bone I worked.

Still waiting for the fruits to be borne.

I walk in the streets with credentials,

Knocking on the doors of opportunity,

Moving county to county like a trader,

Only to return home empty handed.

Still waiting for the fruits to be borne.

Enlightenment I got with a heavy heart,

That waiting is for dreamers of the day.

I was just a pawn in the game of chess,

Waiting to be moved in the lion’s favor.

Ceased waiting for the fruits to be borne

Even so, I still curse in the shadows,

Hoping that these cries will suffice.

We still call upon the gods above,

To remind him that Karma is real.

Ceased waiting for the fruits to be borne

Which promise has your government not fulfilled?



13 thoughts on “Do you believe in promises?”

      1. well…i don,t really know the answer to give here…. But no matter the case, since they arent perfect, i think they have. i am a leader too and should i say i lie to others, maybe yes, maybe no….

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      1. Well, nothing as such. But I do get what you mean. Corruption exists here as well. I loved the line where you said “to remind him that karma still exists”.
        Everything will fall in place with time.

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