As my children, think on such.


What condition is your mind in? Have you noticed it changes? For example, in one situation you may be calm, peaceful and certain of yourself, but in another you’re anxious, worried and insecure.340253d0e9fbe6ce62d1d5d7727d5588

There have been times in my life when I’ve been able to make a decision quickly and easily and stick with it. Other times I couldn’t arrive at a decision because of doubt, fear and uncertainty. These things caused me to second-guess myself and I couldn’t make up my mind.836026703a848890b18a68b2b6092678

A lot of people struggle with this because, like me, they have spent years allowing their minds to wander. They’ve never applied the principles of discipline to their thought lives.b5dc9ee3a3e85a61bf41ca91c1b42409

With God’s help, I have learned to train my mind to keep my focus on what I’m doing, and choose to agree with His Word and His way of doing things. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes I still have relapses, but I understand how important it is not to allow my mind to go wherever it wishes, whenever it desires.c2058e096a89436eb0907821d028472d

Remember, the mind is the battlefield and indecision and uncertainty are just results of losing battles, which can cause you to think there’s something wrong with you. But the truth is, your mind just needs to be disciplined.69a79dc66e8b1e38aae0794f20e2abcf

Ask God to help you, and then refuse to allow your mind to think about whatever it pleases. Begin today to control your thoughts and keep your mind on what you’re doing. And be patient with yourself, because breaking old habits and forming new ones always takes time.IMG_20200318_161857

What you think about has everything to do with your joy, happiness, and the overall quality of your life. But it’s not just good enough to stop thinking about the wrong things—we also need to replace them with good, healthy, positive thoughts from God’s Word.(see Philippians 4:8)


4 thoughts on “As my children, think on such.”

        1. Not to worry-I also relapse sometimes.
          When the negative thoughts visit, also welcome a positive one intentionally. Either you listen to uplifting music or read a quick quote, call a dear friend or a short mantra.
          The good always chases away the bad.


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