Q & A-10 of My Favourite Feelings.

“Human beings need three basic things in order to be content—they need to feel competent at what they do, feel authentic in their lives, and feel connected to others.”—Sebastian Junger, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging.” On that note, I would like to thank Xandria for coming up with this awesome idea for a tag and Saniya for nominating me to connect with my blogging family in an interesting way.


Post 10 of your favourite feelings.

My top 10

1. Praying

In the face of the desire for a higher power other than the human race, I find solace in my knees. I appreciate that being in the presence of God is not only divine but also satisfying. Every time I pray am always in the process of letting go, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Am currently praying for black lives all over the world.giphy


2. Reading the word of God

The Bible says that God’s Word is alive, active, and full of power (see Hebrews 4:12). And when you begin to speak His words out of your mouth, you are cooperating with Him to bring about His good plan for your life. Begin today, speaking out positive, faith-filled words over your life.20200606_094718

3. Listening to uplifting music

Music has unrivaled power. There are a lot of amazing songs out there. And there are countless inspirational ones because they’re so personal to your life story. However, once you find that one song that touches you, it can evoke impactful emotions and actions.20170729_165909

Currently listening to Worthy|Live|Elevation Worship 

4. Reading inspirational materials 

In a bid to travel to worlds unknown especially at this period of isolation, inspiration books are my absolute get away. Currently reading “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak.a599bd1534927a3d1a9e68be7b1073de

5. Writing inspirational content

We all know how daunting a task it is to serve from an empty vessel. My reading helps me to come up with content that will catapult the reader into positive thinking which yields positive living. Blogging comes in handy as am able to connect with same minded individuals.Currently working on a post on ‘Why you need to tame your mind’.8e73752c7c74f726e302c0c9d6bce5ae

6. Playing football

All over the world, football helps bring joy, hope, connection and organisation. Being a High School teacher, sports-football in particular, helps my students to express themselves differently. Playing with them and coaching them not only brings out their strengths but also a strong bond that comes in handy for me while teaching.20200208_100529_1-ANIMATION

7. Playing video games

I thought growing up meant abandoning virtual games but my life rings different. Having friends who also fancy a throbbing gaming sensation, I have not slowed down ever since I was young. I actually believe that we grow old because we stop playing but not vice versa. I am currently playing fifa 2020.IMG20190809165751

8. Driving fast

I am not an advocate for reckless driving but don’t you think your instincts tingle to the revving of the engine at a seemingly high speed? I appreciate an evening/morning drive especially with friends.giphy-2

9. Taking a walk

Who doesn’t like a morning/evening stroll with a close friend? I find strolls to beautiful sites exciting. Overlooking the well-checkered landscape at my hometown brings an insatiable desire for more.20170806_113954

10. Hanging out 

They say that, “love people, love life.” If am not doing all of the above you will catch me hanging out with family and friends while chattering about how amazing life is. Spending time with people helps me discover my strengths as well as appreciate myself as a whole. If you are wondering, am a movie & nature lover although an eatery would do.IMG20190803101720-EFFECTS

I welcome my followers to post their top 10 feelings so as we can connect on a deeper scale. God bless you.

Also let me know which feeling struck you the most in the comments section below.

Thanks again Saniya for nominating me to indulge in an engaging experience.





6 thoughts on “Q & A-10 of My Favourite Feelings.”

    1. Thanks was a pleasure crafting all that up.
      After doing it I figured out what a big job you did on yours.
      Have a blessed weekend with love and hope.

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