When dreams turn to demons!

Hesitation in reaching an objective is a clear indication the goal is not genuine for you.


Have you ever yearned for something but when the chance to get it came you hesitated? Maybe you became enthralled with the idea of your ambition, but not the process of getting it. You picture yourself at the end of the finish line- you look great, your surroundings are right and your surroundings seem to conspire with the world to actualize your dreams. Surely, this is where you are meant to be.
But what if it isn’t? What if the goal is a mere reverie you have conjured about the way your life should be? But deep down inside, you know you are unwilling to do what is necessary to achieve it. Maybe your real life is not as fulfilling as your wild imagination alludes. Maybe it represents what others expect of you rather than what you expect of yourself.
Or maybe, just maybe you just care about your dream because it would be pleasant. But “pleasant” isn’t enough for the sacrifice of time, energy, resources and relationships necessary for its attainment. This is what you hear in your spirit but you fear to accept and acknowledge!

You can decide to rejoice over what you do have instead of grieving over what does not seem fair or just in your life. Don’t let something you don’t understand blind you to the goodness of God.
So one day you declare one thing:


Today I call upon the heavens and the earth to be my witness that I won’t chase a dream that is not authentic for me and one that won’t bring joy in my life. I chose to see the blessing in what I have instead of constantly struggling to attain more.


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