Why you’re a good writer already

Never let anyone tell you who you are

Sensational Scintilla

I believe we are here to improve ourselves/create ourselves and not waste much time in searching for ourselves. I am here to talk with you as to how exactly that can be achieved.

This being my first post in my blog, I would not like to blow my trumpet and say i have achieved much but let this be a distraction to our stagnation in the hustle of struggling to know ourselves. It is of importance too but I have discovered by interacting with sources that inspire us to limp for greatness, we will be doing more of creating/improving ourselves.

Lastly, let’s encourage one another to read, not only to gain knowledge but to fulfill our desire of being heard. Let us fall in love with our writings, inspire others, counsel others, so on and so forth. Let us learn to record priceless ideas in writing, for posterity too. 


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