How a Graffiti Artist in Kenya has Saved Lives❗

To manage the propagation of Covid 19, the Kenya Ministry of health implemented mitigation measures. These included encouraging the public to wash their hands/sanitize, wear face masks, maintain social distance and stay home.However, not everyone has been able to meet these demands!Why so🤷‍♂️
Because most of them rely on a daily wage hence they can’t afford to #StayatHome Many of these people live in Nairobi’s low income settlements which are overcrowded and where sanitation and social distancing measures are near impossible to maintain.There goes the bomb💣 I knew it would now be crystal clear that in the biggest Kenyan slum that houses over half a million people, the corona virus would spread like wildfire🥺But alas!👼 A ray came from heaven through some graffiti artists. Yes, the vandalisers of towns brought a ray of hope where the government and the ministry of health were failing. A group of graffiti artists decided to drive the message home using artistic means, which was well received by the public. In fact, only after the paintings were completed did the public realise corona virus was not a rich man’s disease! All are public health messages to avoid the new coronavirus.In a such a crowded settlement where social distancing and working from home are a pipe dream for most, the campaign is designed to teach people palpable ways in which they can shield themselves and their community from the coronavirus. There was a need not only for catchy images but also accessible language to get the message across. Some of the graffiti is in Sheng, a local slang.Unlike the stuffy government news conferences on television, the campaign uses the voices of the people who live there.After catching wind of the powerful influence that art boasts, I thought of taking off to the streets and scribble my own stuff on well-built walls but again I remembered I have been allergic to court rooms and prison cells altogether. Nontheless, I thank God that he saw fit to use Wanyande and co to rescue their community from utter ignorance.How is you and your country creatively creating awareness about the pandemic?

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