This post is in response to Discover-prompts-day-30-List by Ben Huberman.

I wanna be grateful to God first for allowing me to be alive at such a time when many people are sick and dying. I also thank him because he has helped me to connect with amazing  people via my blog while I was in complete isolation. It has really been uplifting.b189b34496597ca3b2c2b9c9b437bb22

I have learnt so much since I rekindled my writing spark just after the pandemic started.  Then came follower after follower, allowing me to interact with amazing works from people of all walks of life.2ac4a551a1819e72abaee1908e7c27d0

I do not plan to end my newly found elixir after the  Discover Prompts  thirty day challenge but my writing discipline will miss them. They have helped me to  keep up with the powers within by giving me something to ponder upon on a daily. Shout out to all my followers who have encouraged, critiqued and  or prayed for me behind the scenes. You are such a wonderful family.a050bae805ccc5a11885f13690dfafb9

Lastly, I hope that one day am going to get a recognition award for  my blog .I hope my writing will not only bring joy to others but also healing. I therefore look forward to steady growth as time wears on. May God bless you and keep you. What are you grateful for?



21 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. Well, if that is true, you are one of those positive people who found soemthing good out of this terrible pandemic. I myself, havce been creating more poetry, more than ever before, so I am grateful God has shown me something beautiful in this time of sadness.

    Be safe.

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    1. Therefore, you don’t have to be the lonely author again.
      Am learning from the online family God has given me as much as I can.
      Thanks for the powerful feedback


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