I appreciate the beautiful/handsome and ambitious person reading this article because we shall see together how we can have a good time at our work place. You are probably having a peek at this because you’re an employer, employed, seeking it, and or you’re an enthusiast reader out to learn a thing or two. For all of you, I would like to share the secret of turning that first job into an exciting and adventurous experience. As a professional, you need to ensure you do not fall victim to the many misconceptions people have about their jobs, especially their first one.

Firstly, we need to abolish the idea of thinking of our jobs as a magical elixir that will alleviate all our problems. A job is you and I. The salary is just the icing on the cake. If you belong to the majority who don’t start earning unbelievable salaries, then you will have to come up with alternative methods of making extra money in order to afford some of the things that you want. Having this in mind will save you the agony accrued from disappointments. The bottom line is that you need to do away with the thinking that your lifestyle will change dramatically. The solution is to work your way up the ladder of success consistently; nature will do the compensation. The next time someone comes up to you in expectation of a pompous life after your employment, just send him off because you don’t need unnecessary pressure. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Secondly, you need to smile. Professor James V. McConnell, a psychologist at the University of Michigan expressed his feelings about a smile. “People who smile,” he said, “tend to manage, teach and sell more effectively, and to raise happier children.” That is why encouragement is a much more effective teaching and training device than punishment.

The employment manager of a large Nairobi Departmental Store told me he would rather hire a sales clerk who had not finished grade school, if he/she had a pleasant smile, than to hire a Ph.D. graduate of economics with a somber face! From that eventful evening I resulted to smiling more often. This changed attitude brought more happiness in my tutoring business. As I leave my office, I greet the guard with a smile, I smile at my employer, I smile at my students and I smile at the people who recently never saw me smile. I soon found out that everybody was smiling back at me. I treat those students who come with grievances or complaints in a cheerful manner, I smile and listen to them and I find that adjustments are accomplished much more easily. I find that smiles have improved my experiences with my students and a memorable experience is the goal. The pay has also improved and you are also guaranteed of the same when you embrace the power of a smile.

The effect of a smile is powerful even when it is unseen. Telephone companies throughout the world embrace a good telephone manner. These telephone agents smile while they are speaking to spark your interest which results to improved sales of goods and services. A smile says ‘I like you, you make me happy. I am glad to see you.’ That’s why dogs make such a hit. They are so glad to see us that they jump out of their skins. So natural, we are glad to see them. As the physicist put it, “An action yields an equal and opposite reaction.” That’s why you are what you attract. A happy you, a happy reaction and an ultimately happy life in your hard earned working position. An insecure grin? No. That doesn’t fool anybody. We know it is mechanical and we resent it! I am talking of a real smile; a heartwarming smile, one that comes from within, the kind of smile that will bring a good price in the market place. This is usually more rewarding than the coveted salary we get.

Thirdly, do what you love. Don’t just take the first job offer that comes along! You will be setting yourself for failure on a fee which is not worth it. Only if you are sure that the job compensation represents the right career move. If not, a better offer will come along and as long as you are not about to lose your house or suffer other financial or emotional consequences, you should hold out for the job offer that best fits the direction you want to move in. This applies to the job hoppers. Just know that the workplace continues to change and evolve and therefore more people will change careers in their lifetimes. If the job drains you no matter how much you try to adjust, just move; you are not a tree, nor can you forfeit your happiness and peace for money.

To conclude, success is not a key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. I have known people who succeeded because they had a good time conducting their business. Later, I saw these people change as the fun became work. The business had grown dull, they lost all Joy in it and they failed! If you love what you are doing, you will be successful no matter how long it takes. Hang in there with your infectious smile and soon you shall be an irresistible magnet that drives up as well as improving customer trust and loyalty.


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