What a ‘Good Friday’

The time by my silver Rolex that was fastened to my wrist by black leather straps indicated 8 o`clock. Of course this is just what the watch is meant to do but hey_it was good Friday!

In Kenya, in particular, my church welcomed all its members to match around town while singing under the melody of numerous instruments. This was in regards to Palm Sunday, where brethren march around town with palm branches to commemorate the welcoming of Jesus in his hometown.

I jumped out of the comfort of my warm duvet that had wrapped around me, engulfing me with warmth and dizzying comfort. I freshened up and after a while, I was up and running.

You may want to ask what this Friday had to do with me and this article but the truth is that Jesus, the son of God, died for us on that wretched cross in Golgotha so that we could all be saved from our destructive sins. I guess now it is clear that my church wanted to go back in time so as to revisit what our saviour had done on that fateful Friday.

Back to my church (St Paul’s Mother Church) at Kabete_a suburb of the capital city, I could hear sweet symphonies renting the air, a yard off. I had managed to beat the clock by arriving at exactly 8:57 a.m. Every saint or Christian, if you prefer, was set for the walk of faith, perse. This faith had everything to do with spreading the love that God had while allowing his only do to die for us on the cross. We sang some good old church choir song, after which we prayed for the mission.

The March took 3 full hours, which was a blessing to my hometown people. We did not run for cancer nor walk for environmental conservation but we moved up and about for the spreading of the gospel. Why? Because God has given all those who believe in him the power to do it.

After the daunting task of talking to ignorant youths and an idealistic society, the exercise ended on a high as we all converged in church to thank our father in heaven for the opportunity to be his ambassadors. It also brought the picture of God’s love close to our heart as the lent period continued.

P.S Jesus loves you and as you consider Easter a holiday, may you remember that your worth is on that wretched cross and that you were bought by his precious blood.

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