The Interview

It’s Wednesday, one and a half hours of waiting for a the interviwing team. Am nervous which is my right as a potential employee in Imperial Industry park for the post of a manager.

Like we said in the previous article, feelings don’t matter and that’s why I am writing to myself and hopingly, others who would like to poke into my emotional morning.

Upon arriving, I greet the man at the gate enthusiastically and with a smile which jolts me into the cucumber coolness that is largely talked about by writers. I am down to earth as I am led to the reception by an assistant guard.

“Man, this job is serious,” I mumble to myself as my heart beats with every step. Inside the reception area I am greeted by a nicely dressed lady who happened to be the receptionist. She leads me to a brown leather sofa which supports it’s magnificence behind a large glass table. I sink into the full cushion as a sigh of relief gasps out.

As you know, the rest is history.
But important to note is that I got the job after the rigorous session with the interviewer. You may want to ask how I did it_well, Your possession of one small piece of information at the right time and in the right place can enable you to make an extraordinary difference in a particular situation.

What I mean is that I was able to align with the company’s goals which did the trick after earlier research. So everyone who is on the long waiting line of employment, just go for it. The way you did when chasing after the girl of your dreams.

P.S While it’s important to know quite a lot, focus on the specifics while being optimistic. Of course, God always does the rest.

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